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How To Grow Your Blog By Joining A Blogging Tribe


There are so many great blogs out there today and blogging has become a real trend. Approximately two million blog posts are published each day. When you start out blogging you have no idea what kind of response you will receive and it is difficult to tell how successful your blog will be. It is often a case of writing a post and promoting it on your social networks and hoping it goes viral. Unless the content is AMAZING, it won’t go viral just like that.

Do I think anyone can blog? No. You need to have a unique voice, an engaging writing style, dedicate A LOT of time, network with other bloggers and constantly find new ways of getting your work out there. But wouldn’t it be great to have other people share and promote your work too? That’s where blogging tribes come in!

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So what exactly is a blogging tribe?

A blogging tribe is a group of bloggers who write about the same topics. This group becomes a community and support network who help share each other’s work. I use a powerful platform called Triberr, which takes blogging to the next level.

How to use Triberr?

Tiberr allows you to create a profile and connect your RSS feeds to the platform. When you publish a new post on your blog, it will automatically appear on your Triberr profile due to the RSS feeds. You then connect your social media accounts to it so whenever you share someone else’s post on Triberr, it automatically gets shared on your social media channels.

You are able to join tribes that you are interested in or create your own tribe and invite members. Once you have found a tribe you want to join you can start by ‘following’ it. Followers are able to share other people’s content within that tribe but must become a member for other people to share your content. Simply request to become a member.

How will Triberr help me? 

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Currently I belong to five tribes with 43 tribemates. If all 43 tribemates shared one of my posts, it would have the potential to reach 399,000 people! Even if only 1% of those tribemates shared my post, it would have the potential to reach 3990 people.

The more tribes you join, the higher your reach becomes. I only belong to 5 tribes at the moment because this is a fairly new Triberr account. I have however been using Triberr for nearly a year on another account and your reach can easily go into the millions!

Join my tribe on Triberr, Newbie Travel Bloggers. I let all followers become a member as long as you keep sharing other people’s posts. If you haven’t shared a post in more than two weeks then I may have to boot you out (sorry).

How great is it that you can be sleeping and your content can be going out to people just like that!

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  1. This sounds like a great idea! I would love to join your tribe. I am trying to sign up for Tiberr, but it looks like it only lets you link your personal FB page. Is there a way to link your blog’s FB page? I have many more followers there and that is where I would promote other travel blogs?

    • Hi Kelly, do send me a request when you sign up. I have only connected my Twitter. From my understanding you can only connect Facebook accounts and not pages.

  2. This sounds like such a great idea, I am most certainly going to look into this. I intend to have my blog about everything I enjoy so I guess it should be easy to find tribes?! ♥ HWY29

  3. What a great suggestion – I haven’t heard of Triberr before, but it certainly looks like a great tool for fellow bloggers! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  4. I joined the triberr and I am waiting to see if I get promoted in the Newbie Travel Blogger group. Thanks for a great article, as just started my bog in May 2015 all exposure is hepful.

    • Hi Kelly, the tribe is at its max of 30 at the moment. Every week I remove people who have not shared in over 2 weeks to allow room for newbies to become members. So hopefully there will be space for you very soon 🙂 You can share other peoples content in the mean time. Set up your RSS feed and people may come across your content and be able to share it anyways whilst you are waiting to become a member.


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