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Kerbisher and Malt: London’s ‘Posh’ Chippy


A fish and chip shop where you can actually eat in? I’m not talking about a of couple stools in the corner but an actual restaurant. Kerbisher and Malt has even won an award for being the best contemporary fish and chip shop in Britain. There are five locations dotted around London and I visited the restaurant earlier this week in Ealing Broadway.


So fresh fish (from sustainable sources), twice-cooked chips, handmade salads, mushy peas and batters, great beers and coffees, environmentally friendly packaging and a nice place to sit down.

-Kerbisher and Malt

There are various types of fish served including Haddock, Plaice, Cod, Pollock, and Coley. They can be cooked battered or unlike normal fish and chip shops, they can be grilled or cooked in matzo meal.


Kerbisher and Malt make their own sauces (apart from ketchup – always has to be Heinz) and even brew their own beer!

And no to preservatives, no to food from a packet, no to dirty oil, no to neon lights and no to soggy chips.

-Kerbisher and Malt

The portions are large and filling, just like any other chippy. The battered cod was cooked perfectly – so crispy on the outside and soft fish on the inside. The homemade chips were also very tasty, making you want to finish them all even though you’re so stuffed!


The grilled haddock was very flavoursome and also went perfectly with the mushy peas. You can’t go into a normal chippy and order something healthy like grilled fish!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 19.24.47

I recommend visiting this place and you can even order a take away and eat in front of the telly like you normally would! Kerbisher and Malt also use the Deliveroo delivery service (certain areas only) so you can get it sent home!




  1. I love the title! “Posh Chippy” is such an oxymoron right? I had my FIRST real fish and chips in November in London. The serving was huge! When I left and I gave the plate back, I asked “Do people actually finish this amount of food?”. The guy just laughed, like “of course they do!”


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