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Why Dubai Was Not For Me

Updated: Sep 25

Many people dream of going to this futuristic man made island as did I. But what I found when I got there was far from pretty.

This post is NOT to discourage anyone from visiting Dubai it's just MY experience.

If Flying to Dubai from NY I would strongly recommend flying Emirates, extremely comfortable for this super long trip.

We were initially heading to Maldives and had a very long layover in Dubai which we thought was awesome because we got to experience another place before our final stop. When we landed there's no denying the beauty of this city in the airport alone. The vastness and modern feel makes every other airport seem mediocre at best. To sum it up I will break down the pros and cons I found during this trip:


No natural beauty - this is an obvious one as Dubai is deemed as a "Fake City" Theres really not much to admire only tall luxurious buildings. We are city people to begin with so it didn't impress us.

Strict laws - Dubai is situated within a muslim country so even in scorching 105 F heat you must be covered up even at the beach and absolutely NO PDA. We also arrived during Ramadan so we could not eat or drink in public.

Too modern - From the outside it looks nice, tall, luxurious which makes me think they are trying to distract us from something more serious going on (perhaps its just me overthinking).

Cats and Ferraris? - We didn't see any of these that are so highly commercialized when visiting Dubai. Instead it was a sort of empty/dead city.

Views on women - I felt controlled, observed, judged. Something happened when we sat down at the mall to rest for a bit. I laid my head on my partners shoulder to take a quick nap and a security guard quickly came over and asked my partner "Is that yours? tell her she can't sleep" that in itself is extremely offensive Im not a thing Im a person and that was pretty much the cherry on top for this place.


Heat - this might seem like a con to many people but I LOVE the heat so for me it was great. It was so hot we had to spend the whole day at a water park and the beach water was hotter than the actual temperature outside ( man made beach).

Final Thoughts - I would be open to visiting Dubai once more. I don't want to leave it with a sour taste, perhaps there are other activities we can do that will make this place worth while.


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