• lizfranciely

How to travel OFTEN without going broke

Updated: Sep 25

If you want the experience but still want to see those zero's in your account keep reading.

  1. Travel during off Peak season

You may get stuck wondering how others travel so often. In my experience I always look for the cheapest destinations starting with how to get there. Theres not always a specific place in mind for this I use Skyscanner. It gives you the option of clicking the EVERYWHERE button for those unsure of where to go. Then is proceeds to show you the cheapest to most expensive flights. I always travel before or after a major holiday. For example; Christmas, Labor Day, thanksgiving ect...

Or if there is a major holiday in the destination you're interested in unless you REALLY want to go, try looking for a different date. Google Flights shows you price range when you click on the dates and it makes it super convenient to budget this way. Another tip Ive learned was don't buy flights more than a year in advance. Sure it might seem cheap af but what the airlines do is use a 3 month buffer to fluctuate the prices. In order to fill up the plane due to weight or whatever reason its always a good idea to stay on top of it. I use Hopper to let me know price predictions.

2. Travel SOLO

This is a scary thought to many people but let me tell you, it is so rewarding. At least for me as a Virgo I am introverted and love my alone time. of course I have my extroverted moments with the right people. I used to travel alone all the time when I realized not many people share the same passion as I do. I said "well if you don't go Im still going". Thats such a freeing mindset to have. Sometimes we co-depend on others to do things when we are more than capable of doing them alone. What I found to be super cheap when traveling alone is the accommodation. If you're not too particular about privacy hostels are the way to go! If you do your research, read reviews, watch videos. There are so many hostels that don't really feel like you're in a room with 10 strangers. Usually these travelers are backpackers who literally keep to themselves and they are NEVER in the room during the day time. I mean why pay such a hefty amount for a place to sleep when you could be out exploring all day and not feel guilty about it.

3. Travel with a large group

What I mean when I say travel with a group is travel with a group of 5 or more. The cheap option for this is again accommodation. Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway etc... have amazing options for huge houses that fit everyone perfectly. This can be split evenly and you won't feel like you paid a fortune for a cliffside villa.

4.Pack Light

The best and carefree way to travel personally is to pack light!. Carry ons are a great way to start but backpacks are the way to go! Especially when traveling in between cities and there's a lot of hopping involved.

Tips & tricks for packing:

A) Consolidate your toiletries: I feel like this is what takes up so much space! you can purchase travel tubes in any drugstore or online to take your favorite shampoo, conditioner and soap. Even better, if you're staying in a hotel that you know for fact will provide them you can just go without. Saving you space! Another hack I learned was to empty out the small bottles some hotels provide and refill them with your own products ! saves money.

B) Roll it up: Rolling up pants, shirts, shorts is such an easy and effective way of saving space. I always try to make a list of what Im going to wear day to day that way I don't overpack! its so oddly satisfying when you wear everything you packed!

C) Less is more: Only take what you absolutely need! I try to actually under pack because if I really need it, it can probably be purchased at my destination. Also you get extra space to buy yourself or someone something nice.

D) SHOES!: Shoes take up a lot of space! Always wear your heaviest shoe and pack the rest. If you're going to have a beach vacation you really just need one pair of flip flops and maybe one pair of cute sandals/heels for a night out.

E) Exchange: I never exchange at the airport or hotel. Always at an ATM or a local cashier bank that has a decent exchange fee. If your destination accepts your local currency; dollars for example, you don't have to worry too much but always keep in mind its easier to negotiate and prevent getting ripped off if you carry local currency.