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Updated: Jan 18

One thing I don't regret in my life is how early on I started to travel. Here's some backstory for those that don't know

My parents brought me here from Paraguay when I was 4 years old. Unfortunately due to money and stability we had to leave my sister behind to stay with my grandma. The plan was to stay only 1 year, save money and go back. Fast forward 25 years later were still here. I just recently reconnected with my sister about 6 years ago, but that's another story. Growing up we didn't travel much but whenever we did I got so excited I would pack a month in advance. My love for travel was bloomed so young I never would have imagined what it is now.

When I actually got enough money to save and start traveling it was nonstop like a drug. I even walked out of my second to last semester of college because I wanted to take a trip and it didn't coincide with my schedule. Working to pay rent and travel was my life, Literally. I even lost relationships because of my constant urge of wanting to be anywhere but here. Fortunately my now fiancé can keep up with me and enjoys it just as much as I do. I don't really know if Im the stay at home mom type of person or a work from home person. I found that personally routine kills my happiness. I need to have something to look forward to even if its a quick cabin getaway, I need something. I'd like to think I'm not alone with this mentality, I'd like to think Im not selfish.

My biggest regret was having this idea in my mind that I have to go to all of these different countries before going back to my roots. My sister who is the strongest woman I know had to deal with so much back home and had to struggle emotionally without her family. Although my mom spent almost all of her extra money to send over, it was not enough. My sister needed more than that. She ultimately had a son who was so fun, eager to learn, smart, the light of her life. He developed a rare heart condition that at 8 years old took his life. This tore my mom apart. Her first grandchild that she loved so much yet she never got to meet him because of lack of documentation. I had the choice to go meet him, spend some time with my only nephew, reconnect with my sister. Yet I chose to go other places, meet strangers, eat different things. I don't regret any of the places Ive gone but I will always feel this guilt and sadness when she brings him up. Seeing my moms heart shatter like that I knew all she wanted was my sister with her so I did everything I could to get them together again. Now were all reunited and I took my sister to one of my favorite places;Mexico. As she looked out into the ocean I knew she wanted to be alone and as I saw her wipe her tears away from afar I knew it was part of her healing. She told me she's happy to be here but sad because she had to sacrifice something in a way to have this life.

I always encourage everyone to travel there is so much to see, so many people to meet. I believe we never meet people by chance its always for a reason. We are not meant to stay in one place. It's so so important to get out of our comfort zones and understand how others live so we don't become ignorant and uncaring. Having a roof, a car, food, our health is such a luxury and one that too often is taken for granted. One of the best and most humbling experiences I had was in Cuba. It remains my favorite country because of the people. We took a donation luggage and stayed with a family in Havana. They were so kind and so giving in such a genuine way. At the time it was my ex's birthday and the mother wanted to bake him a cake but she was out of eggs for the month (rationing in Cuba). She went all around Havana trying to find the perfect cake and got the entire family together to sing happy birthday. I gave her a sponge pack and she was over the moon like if she had won the lottery. Something so small and insignificant to us can mean the world to other people.


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