Cuba- The Whole Experience

Updated: Sep 25

Havana, Cuba 2017

I wanted to make this trip out to Cuba a selfless, beautiful experience. We had the chance to stay with a local family in Havana and get immersed in their daily lives. As well as taking a suitcase full of donations and soccer jerseys which was the highlight of it all!

"Para aquellos que nos contaminen- Fuera!"

Cuba was such a culture shock so to speak. I did not read about or expect the piercing smell of gasoline in the streets from all of the classic cars. It was definitely something to get used to.

What to love

We definitely loved the classic architecture and how Cuba is literally stuck in time. It has not really progressed. We did not have regular service everywhere we actually had to go to a public park where everyone is there trying to get wifi signal. Im sure there were hotels offering wifi at the time but since we were in an airbnb we didn't have that luxury. Everything was dirt cheap from the accommodations to the food. Airbnb for 7 nights was no more than $120 for both of us. Food was scarce but nonetheless cheap. The attractions were great we were able to go the bar La Floridita that Hemingway would hang out at and have a mojito. Not to mention they have the best mojito I've ever had!! 10/10.

"The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places"

One of the best things I've witness while being there were how amazing our airbnb hosts were. We went there for my ex boyfriends birthday and the host wanted to make him a cake but the way the government rationalizes the amount of eggs each family gets per family, this was not possible. She went all around Havana looking for a cake until she found one and surprised him with this birthday cake. It was the most simple gesture that made the most impact. Knowing that eggs for them are considered a main course meal yet people in the US abuse of this right and waste eggs on events like Halloween not knowing what others have to go through. It really is a humbling experience. The hosts were so nice they took us out for some Havana nightlife.

Another amazing experience we had in Cuba was the amount of grateful faces we met when handing out some soccer jerseys that we had just lying around, it was literally like an aggressive auction trying to satisfy everyone. One thing we learned was that they don't have the opportunity to even purchase soccer jerseys they would all have to be brought in from elsewhere. Simple things like a brillo pad was so appreciated by the hosts because they don't have these products to even purchase if they wanted to.

What to Not love so much

The way the government was still trying to control the population after all these years and thinking they are progressing but really they are stuck in the past and stuck with a very old school type of dictatorship. Again this experience was from back in 2017 I would hope that the situation has gotten better. I would love to return to Cuba and compare my experience from the past.


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