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Egypt- First Solo Trip

Updated: Sep 25

Egypt was the first country I went by myself for a whole week. Two words: Life Changing.

I'll have to admit I did not plan or heavily research Egypt before I went. I found really cheap flights and I just went for it. I haven't even been to a different continent before coming here so I had no idea what to expect. It was the best on the whim trip I've ever taken.

Do you have half a mind to go travel the world? Go for it, even if you have to go alone. Trust me its the best investment you can do for yourself!

At the time I had just graduated from EMS school and was working full time as a waitress and recently separated.. Safe to say I wanted to do something crazy and unexpected. I had a green card at the time so I had to go to the Egyptian consulate to apply for a visa which keep in mind to always research visa requirements even if you are a US citizen.

Getting there

I always try to find the best travel deals so I was able to purchase my roundtrip flight from NYC for $680 which was a bit steep for me but it was a long journey. Getting there I hired a taxi to take me straight to the hotel and the traffic was insane. Coming from NYC nothing really surprises me easily but there are literally no traffic signals, traffic lights, everyone just screams at each other. I did not expect the smell of camel poop pretty much everywhere you go. You eventually just get used to it. I also didn't expect to be woken up every morning around 6am for the prayer. Which was fine I wanted the full experience and when traveling somewhere completely out of our comfort zone we have to respect their cultures.


I was lucky enough to find the cheapest and BEST hotel. I stayed at the Guardian guesthouse which is still around granted I went in 2014. The price for 6 nights was $200 USD for a double room with pyramid views. This was the best option price wise and waking up to the view of the Gaza pyramids everyday was amazing. The hotel offered breakfast downstairs and I would walk down the street to have dinner by myself which would be only about $10 for ALOT of food. The hotel also had a rooftop with panoramic views of the pyramids so I would spend a lot of mornings and nights up there.


Since this was a solo trip I hired a tour guide for about 3 days, he took me to all the main attractions like subterranean tour of the pyramids, camel riding, souk in the center of Cairo, Mosques, Egyptian museum. Since I was traveling alone and it was my first solo trip I wanted some guidance but I realized I could have done alot more with the time I had. The other days I would walk around the malls, bought a day pass at a nearby hotel with a pool and took lots of naps.

Live your life; no one will do it for you


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